2016’s Best Web Tools & Services (Sponsored)

Yes, Black Friday is here, the waiting is over! We are so happy to announce you the best showcase of web tools and services we’ve ever made. You will find the best WordPress themes, website builders, social media buttons, but also cross-browser testing services, screenshot app and many more awesome products. Test each one and […]

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Yes, Black Friday is here, the waiting is over! We are so happy to announce you the best showcase of web tools and services we’ve ever made. You will find the best WordPress themes, website builders, social media buttons, but also cross-browser testing services, screenshot app and many more awesome products. Test each one and see their great features!


BeTheme is more than just a multi-purpose, premium responsive WordPress theme, but an excellent solution packed with 200 shortcodes with a full guide, a powerful builder that helps you customize everything and add whatever you need, and 230 included pre-built websites that be installed with just one click. It’s as simple as it sounds!

This advanced theme can be used for all your projects, building an infinite number of unique, brilliant websites. Using the powerful admin panel, you can easily customize the website, without the need of any coding skills or experience. If you need a large menu, they included also a built-in mega menu. With BeTheme, your websites can have the parallax effect and be fully responsive and retina ready. All of these are just a small of what BeTheme can do, you should check the rest. They sold more almost 50,000 BeTheme templates just on ThemeForest, everybody knows this is the perfect choice.

Whenever you feel blocked, you cannot find something or you have an issue, their support is outstanding, one of the best on the market. These guys are always ready to help you in a professional way.

Get BeTheme for just $59, the standard license!


Whenever you’re launching a new web service or a web site, you should cross-browser test it before putting it online. Every browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.) is a little bit different and every platform (Windows, Android, OSX, etc.) is a little bit different. If you don’t perform testing on all (or at least most popular) browsers and platforms, you will lose visitors, customers and subscribers because your webapp might not work in some of browsers.

Browserling is the excellent solution for cross-browser testing. It lets you do quick browser testing on all Windows platforms, all Internet Explorer browsers, Androids and MacOS. Linux support is coming soon as well. They’re offering live interactive sessions using real browsers that you get access to in less than 5 seconds. All browsers run on real computers and there are no emulators. Browserling is packed with a lot of features and they just keep adding more awesome stuff.

Browserling features include:

  • Access to all Internet Explorer versions and the new Edge browser.
  • Screenshots – save screenshots to your account and quickly share with your team.
  • Bug Hunter – Screenshot annotating tool that lets you quickly indicate bugs in browsers for your team.
  • Responsive testing and resolution changing – super useful for mobile development and testing various screen sizes.
  • Browser extensions for quicker testing – just click the extension and you’re already testing.
  • Browser bookmarks for even quicker testing – just bookmark the browser and access it with single click.
  • Recording browsers to videos and gifs – coming soon!

They have a free plan that offers 3 minutes sessions for quick testing and a developer plan for a price of pizza. Only today using the Black Friday BFLING2016 coupon code, you will get 33% off. Don’t miss this awesome offer!


OptinMonster is the excellent solution to easily build forms that will convert abandoning visitors into buyers and subscribers. Nobody should let their visitors go away, after paying to advertise and generating content to attract people. Now, we have OptinMonster, a brilliant tool that helps us building forms and use them at the right time, in the right place, to the right people. There is no need of having a developer, as there is no need of coding skills or experience to have well designed, beautiful and high converting forms.

OptinMonster is packed with a real high number of features that you should check. Their first plan starts from just $9 / month, billed annually. Give it a try!


Snapito is a free and fast way to get website screenshots and modify them with the built-in editor that works brilliant and is packed with many features. These screenshots have a high quality and it can be used in many projects. You don’t need to install a browser extension or subscribe to a service, it’s the fastest way of getting a picture of your website. They are working hard to launch the LIVE API services in the first part of 2017.

If you need automated web page screenshots, check ShrinkTheWeb, the guys who built Snapito, a free awesome tool. Go check it!


As today is Black Friday and Cyber Monday is in 3 days, Themify,the most popular WordPress theme, has awesome offers for all of us. They prepared 3 things. First is a coupon named BLACKFRIDAY, which gives you 50% discount to all WordPress themes, plugins, and Club Memberships, except the Lifetime Master Club. The second coupon is BLACKFRIDAYLIFE, this one is a discount of $150 for the Lifetime Master club membership. With this discount, the cost is just $249 and you will get lifetime access to all their products, support, and updates.

And this is not all, Themify has a giveaway of 10 Master Club memberships. You will get access to all their products, including themes, plugins, add-ons and even PSD files. These awesome deals are available from today and end on Cyber Monday, in 3 days. Get these awesome deals!


uCoz is a modern website builder that lets you easily create your unique online home, for free. The system offers a wide range of modules, features, and responsive templates, making it possible to build any kind of website: an online shop, forum, blog, membership site, and more. Full access to HTML and CSS allows fine-tuning every detail of your site to make it look exactly how you want it.


uKit is the all-in-one solution for any non-techie looking to create a professional online presence. Hosting, domains, hundreds of themes, eCommerce tools, SEO, analytics, blogging options, and more. Getting your website up and running has never been easier. Create your free website today! No credit card required.


Do you need a fully responsive and functional website? Start using Simbla website builder website builder and you can have all of that. They have many beautiful templates that will suit your needs and they also offer a free plan with hosting included. Use Simbla and get an amazing website!


There are many benefits when using a time tracking software and especially actiTIME, a company with great experience. You will improve your team performance, tune every process and put efficiency on the focus, lower your cost because you are more productive and finally but not least, make your business stronger. Start using actiTIME and benefit of this useful software!


When you are looking for free and premium WordPress themes, you should check Colorlib. These guys work really hard and deliver outstanding results. They always want to help, they even wrote a step-by-step tutorial for beginners of how you can start a WordPress website. Check them here!


We can describe Simunity icon maker in just a couple of words like Free Icon Builder, Free Responsive HTML Templates and Free Images. It’s awesome to have many high-quality products at our disposal, for free.  Your life can be much easier, check their products!


Attract visitors to your website with the help of the social media tools by uSocial: Share and Like buttons, a META data builder, and a customizable window that invites your site visitors to subscribe to your social accounts. The uSocial dashboard will give you access to the statistics on impressions and shares as well as allow building the unlimited number of button sets for your websites and editing them at any time.


wpDataTables is the most popular solution when talking about easily creating charts, graphs, and tables. This premium WordPress plugin has a lot of useful features and costs just $35. All the features can be found in the complete documentation and in their videos. You can easily find and understand how it works. Try wpDataTables!


With TheSquid.Ink, you can get 2000 awesome, high-quality line icons with just $45. 2000 icons mean really a lot, you can use them for an unlimited number of projects. If want free packages, they also have it. It contains 50 icons, beautiful designed. Go for it!


Xfive it’s a team of talented, professional guys who can help you with back and front-end development, WordPress development and many more things. They are working with small companies, but also huge brands like Ebay and Microsoft. Discuss with them and start your new project!


Using InvoiceNinja you will get the best features and invoices on the market. It’s really easy to create invoices but also to use all of their features. They have also a free plan and the next one start from just $8 /month. Give it a try!

There are so many solutions on the market that it can become confusing to select the best one. Some of them have years on the market and are well known as the best, these are the ones that we’ve reviewed here.

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