Month: February 2017

Promise.all for Rejections and Resolves

Promises have been an incredible addition to JavaScript; they save us callback hell, make coding async more maintainable, and and allow us to keep track of multiple async processes at a time.  Promise.all comes to mind, allowing us to react when multiple promises have been resolved.  Unfortunately Promise.all only resolves when all promises are resolved, so if any of the promises fail, […]

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Cool Timeline for WordPress

Have you ever wanted to display a timeline to let your visitors know about your company’s history or important events? You can always code one if you know your HTML and CSS. Cool Timeline for…

Unique Array Values

When you look at any programming language, you see missing features that you find puzzling because the use case seems so common.  One such case is retrieving unique values from an array with JavaScript. Years ago I mentioned an easy way of unique value management using objects instead of arrays, but that’s not always an option and doesn’t […]

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