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Jakarta EE aiming to focus on cloud-native Java after developer consultation

What do enterprise developers want? A cloud-native Java, according to a new consultation from the Eclipse Foundation. The study, which polled more than 1,800 Java developers – 44% of whom categorised themselves as senior developers with a further 24% as architects – put cloud-native as an ‘imperative’ for enterprise Java going forward. ‘Two critical gaps…

How AI will change mobile app development

Mobile applications are continually improving, and artificial intelligence (AI) is powering this evolution as more intuitive apps enter the market. With new apps being introduced to the market, products must stand apart from competitors by meeting the rising standards of consumers.  Customers are now relying on mobile apps as immediate solutions for task completion and…

Dublin Tech Summit 2018 Round-Up: Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and More

Thousands from across the world descended upon Dublin’s Convention Centre on April 18th and 19th for the Dublin Tech Summit. Attendees hope to learn something new about technology and the world around us. There was something for everybody, with topics ranging from Artificial Intelligence to the Internet of Things to even the science behind music…

DDoS Protection by Incapsula (Sponsored)

DDoS protection is an incredibly important protection for sites that require dependability, regardless of the service your site provides.  Whether your online product or service is for managing money, buying or selling crypto, or simply sharing your tech nerdery (like this blog), there’s always a chance your site could be attacked.  This blog, for example, […]

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