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Why ambitious Industry 4.0 plans need a better open standard approach to succeed

The UK government’s Industrial Strategy, launched in 2017, sets out a long term plan to boost productivity in British industry. Further to this, the government recently announced the creation of an AI Council, led by leaders within industry, to support the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence across all UK sectors. The opportunity could inject £455…

UK government launches plan to lead ‘profound change’ in mobility

The UK has launched its plan to lead a ‘profound change’ in future mobility aimed towards improving transport while reducing congestion and emissions. As part of the ‘Future of Mobility Grand Challenge’ set out today in two documents, the government highlights that UK travel will change dramatically with innovations such as flying vehicles and self-driving…

Create Custom Video Player Controls with CanJS

In this guide, you will learn how to create a custom video player using the <video> element and CanJS. The custom video player will: Have custom play and pause buttons. Show the current time and duration of the video. Have a <input type=”range”> slider that can adjust the position of the video. The final player […]

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