5 Premier Web Hosting Service To Consider Using (Sponsored)

Your website’s performance depends in large part on your hosting service’s performance. Yet for many, selecting a hosting service involves little more than finding one that advertises speed and reliability for a low price. Many business owners recognize the importance of quality content, responsiveness, and other factors, but few of them recognize the need to […]

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Your website’s performance depends in large part on your hosting service’s performance. Yet for many, selecting a hosting service involves little more than finding one that advertises speed and reliability for a low price.

Many business owners recognize the importance of quality content, responsiveness, and other factors, but few of them recognize the need to take a close look at a prospective hosting service to see what it can actually deliver. If the host provides substandard performance or support, the result can be slow page loading, capacity issues, or an undue amount of unanticipated downtime. 

While pricing can be an important factor when selecting a host, it should always take a back seat to performance. Pricing should never be a primary driver when selecting a hosting service.

There are plenty of website hosting companies that offer excellent performance and would like to do business with you. What follows, is a close look at 5 of the best.


Since 2004, SiteGround has been providing web designers and developers with reliable hosting services, and numerous benefits for making their sites fast and safe. SiteGround offers hosting services on top of a high-performance platform with 99.99% uptime.

They have servers, available in 5 data centers worldwide – Chicago, Milan, London, Singapore and Amsterdam.

SiteGround is forging the most powerful speed technologies by using the latest NGINX, SSD drives, HTTP/2, PHP7, CloudFlare CDN and more. Their platform is built on Linux containers that are highly elastic and stable when traffic spikes occur.

In order to provide value and the best performing solutions to clients, SiteGround crafts many of them in-house. SuperCacher is a custom-made caching tool that speeds up dramatically website’s performance.

Another in-house crafted solution is their proactive server monitoring which constantly checks the servers’ status, detects issues and even fixes them. An additional layer of protection is the secure account isolation – an innovation SiteGround’s team built to protect accounts on shared servers.

A2 Hosting

Whether you have one of the world’s larger and more popular websites, in terms of traffic and data storage requirements, or a newer website that is still experiencing minimal traffic, A2 Hosting has a solution to your needs. Their plans include managed or unmanaged dedicated hosting for large enterprises, shared hosting (recommended for newer or smaller websites, or blogs), reseller hosting, and VPS hosting.

Whichever plan you pick, any problems you may have had with slow to moderate page load times will be history. In addition to benefiting from the fastest possible page loading speeds, your A2 Optimized hosting solution will give you rock-solid, 99.9% reliability and website and data security.

If needed, A2 Hosting’s support team can help you move your site from your present hosting service (usually at no charge), and will be there for you 24/7 if you have questions or issues.

WordPress VIP

Some web hosting services offer quality service, but their fee structures are either overly complicated, or do not provide adequate value for your money. For example: A sudden increase in sales resulting from major spurt in website traffic, while welcome, may require transferring to a higher-cost hosting option (just enough to dampen your enthusiasm). Problems such as these can be avoided if you subscribe to WordPress VIP’s flat fee hosting structure. Other useful services are also worth considering.


Shared hosting services have their advantages. As your website grows however, its performance and capacity requirements may stretch your shared hosting option to its limits.

If that happens, your hosting service may recommend (or require) upgrading to a VPS service.

GlowHost has a better solution. Its Elastic Sites Platform is comparable to VPS, but without the typical VPS server management headaches. This platform gives you the resources and reliability you need; with resources like RAM, CPU and I/O that are dedicated. 

Pagely - Premium WordPress Hosting Solutions

Pagely provides the best managed hosting service exclusively for big brands with large WordPress websites. Think corporate sites, .GOVs, large universities, etc. If you fit into this category, Pagely’s hosting solution is the one you’ve been looking for. A 100% bootstrapped enterprise, Pagely boasts an innovative, best in class dedicated hosting platform, with its very own caching, CDN, and security suite built by their in house tech team.

Follow These Tips for Choosing a Web Hosting Service

One or more of these five hosting services should provide the solution you’re looking for. Consequently, you really cannot make a bad choice, when the features and benefits match up with your hosting requirements. We recommend reading through these hosting service selecting tips however, to ensure that you fully understand your website hosting needs.

  1. Define the purpose of your website, and your expectations for it. Doing so will help to determine if a hosting service’s offerings adequately addresses your needs.
  2. What do you anticipate your website’s requirements in terms of performance and capacity will be in the future? This is an important question if you’re managing a business-oriented website. You may need to eventually scale up your hosting needs, and should seek a hosting service that will enable you to make a smooth transition, when the time comes. 
  3. Check out the hosting service’s customer support guarantees.  Assume you require nothing less than reliable, lightning-fast support; and take it from there.
  4. You can be assured that the hosting services discussed here most certainly will honor their commitments and promises, but it never hurts to read customer and professional reviews to better understand the pros and cons associated with any hosting service.
  5. Never base your decision to sign up on pricing alone; even if you come across a low price that’s especially tempting. Assume the performance and support you receive, will roughly corollate with the cost of the service.
  6. Read the Terms of Service!  Look for details regarding the hosting service’s refund policies, of automatic upgrades and their associated price increases.
  7. Make sure there’s a well-defined backup plan, so you won’t be putting your website and/or customer data at risk of being lost.
  8. Security breaches are anything but rare these days, and web hosting services aren’t immune to them; although most do an adequate job of data protection. Those listed here can be relied upon to do an exceptional job of data and information protection.

Summing Up

The 5 hosting services described here are guaranteed to give you the most value for your money. It’s only a matter of choosing the one that offers the service and support you need. More than likely, more than one of them will fill the bill. We still suggest checking the reviews before putting your money on the table.

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