Amazon Alexa app gets revamped with focus on personalization and first-party features

Amazon on Monday announced plans to roll out a completely redesigned Alexa app for iOS and Android, which will now offer users a more personalized home screen experience.

According to Amazon, the redesign will provide users with a list of personalized suggestions based on the services and features they use most often. So if you often use Alexa to launch Spotify, the Alexa app will anticipate your needs by surfacing your favorite playlist. The redesigned experience may also surface frequently accessed controls and features, such as alarms and reminders. The goal is to provide users with a more frictionless experience on mobile devices.

Amazon Alexa app redesign

In addition to providing a more personalized home screen in the latest update, Amazon is also prioritizing first-party experiences such as shopping, media playback, and communications. Amazon has also moved the Alexa button to the top of the app so it’s easier to find; you will no longer see the current date or weather up top. From the above screenshots showing off the latest update, we can see that the new redesign is indeed much cleaner.

Meanwhile, in the “More” button found in the bottom menu, advanced settings such as Reminders, Routines, Skills, and Settings can be found. TechCrunch speculates that Amazon chose to move Alexa skills to this menu because they aren’t widely used in the app. This could be why the introduction of new skills has slowed down, too.

The revamped Alexa app will roll out in the coming weeks and should be available for everyone on iOS, Android, and Fire OS devices by the end of August. The app can be downloaded on Android devices from the Google Play Store link embedded below.

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Via: TechCrunch

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