Android Dev Summit will take place November 7-8

Android Dev Summit will take place November 7-8

Google I/O is likely the companies most popular developer conference, but the Mountain View tech giant is working with developers in a lot of different fields. The team will be hosting Google Cloud Next next week, the Chrome Dev Summit scheduled a few months later in November, and then they have others for AMP, TensorFlow, Dart, Firebase, and more. A couple of weeks before the Chrome Dev Summit, they are bringing back the Android Dev Summit and it will take place on the 7th and 8th of November.

The last time Google held an Android Dev Summit was back in 2015 and we haven’t had an official response as to why they stopped doing it. It’s possible that Google felt I/O was enough, but there are a lot of developers who like a smaller and more personal venue to discuss and learn about Android. Either way, that changes this year with the Android Dev Summit coming back in less than three months time. The summit will be a two-day event and will take place in the Computer History Museum.

For those unaware, the Computer History Museum is in Mountain View California and is right next to the Googleplex. This event will allow Google employees to host sessions on many topics within the Android ecosystem. They have some people there to go hands-on with the community to answer and discuss specific issues that attendees may be experiencing. Sadly, registration details have yet to be announced and they have kept the details about which sessions will be taking place a secret as well.

The company says that more information is coming soon, and if it’s anything like their 2015 event, then you’ll be able to watch all of the sessions live streamed on YouTube. The team encourages those who are interested to follow @AndroidDev on Twitter and to look out for the hashtag #AndroidDevSummit.

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