OpenSignal State of LTE Report Shows 4G Speeds Stagnant at 45 Mbps, Ranks US 62nd Overall

Wireless carriers advertise baseline numbers for coverage area and bandwidth speed, but they inevitably vary from place to place. You may get great service on one side of town, but see your signal drop as you drive down the street. That’s why the folks at OpenSignal crowdsource 50 billion measurements from more than 3.8 million smartphone…

How to Annotate Books in Microsoft Edge

The ability to read books in the browser is one of the overlooked features of Microsoft Edge. Now, you can do more than just read.One of Microsoft’s latest updates brought the ability to annotate book… to see original story and photos

A Boon for Privacy: Android P will Prevent Idle Background Apps from Accessing the Camera

Android P, the next major version of Android, could be weeks away from an official unveiling, and although its core user-facing features are still unknown to us, we are discovering many little tidbits thanks to Android’s open source nature. We know that it’ll let carriers hide signal strength and define how they’re displayed in the…