New research shows consumers continue to see significant risk in IoT device security

Consumers continue to be intrigued by IoT devices – yet almost two thirds polled by Dynatrace admit they have already encountered performance issues with serious injury a potential risk. The study, titled ‘IoT Consumer Confidence Report: Challenges for Enterprise Cloud Monitoring on the Horizon’ and which polled 10,000 consumers globally, poured scorn on the security…

Open Multiple Firefox Tabs from Command Line

Now that I work on Firefox Developer Tools, I’m really starting to learn some of the tricks of building, debugging, and launching Firefox.  Once I start using Firefox at a developer level each day, the more I become amazed at how configurable and easy to work with Firefox is. Since a good portion of my […]

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Samsung Is Working on a Massive New Tablet

A few years ago, Samsung took a stab at the giant tablet market with a slate called the Galaxy View. And now, it's back at it, according to a new report.Samsung is working on a new Galaxy View 2 that … to see original story and photos

How to Manage, Track, and Control File Downloads in WordPress

Are you looking for a file download manger for WordPress? While you can simply upload a file and add a download link in your post, it’s not scalable. A WordPress file download manager can help you easily manage, track, and control permissions on file downloads.… Read More »

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Samsung Brazil and Huawei Egypt accused of using misleading photos in ads

Huawei has issued a statement to Pocketnow. “The product images and the contents are provided for reference only. Product characteristics and actual specifications may vary (including but not limited to appearance, color, size), as well as actual presentation contents (including but not limited to backgrounds, user interface, and controls).” Device OEMs are no stranger to…