Bloated Itunes

I was going to write a piece on itunes and what a mess it is but then I found this in a forum and thought i would quote it as it says it all …..


I have been a Mac user since 1988 and I have owned 15 Macs since then. I am an Apple shareholder, Mac proselytizer and am happily the “go to” Mac guy for many of my friends with Macs. I have a newly purchased MacBook Pro and unfortunately I didn’t know that the “Upgrade iTunes automatically” feature is turned on BY DEFAULT when you buy the damned thing so recently the orange iTunes 12.1 icon had turned rainbow and I am now the user of iTunes Bloatware Ver. 12.2 after holding out with Ver. 11 for many months. I don’t want Beats…I don’t want Radio…I don’t want artist bios of plugs for their back catalogue – I just want to play MY music. Now – with my 50,000 tracks – it is such a slow, bloated piece of crap that when I edit the metadata for a ripped CD or add some tracks or even DELETE some tracks it takes between 1.5 minutes and 2 minutes for the “beachball” to quit spinning while every other app I am using slows or stops. Why? Because according to the Activity Monitor iTunes is using between NINETY-SIX AND NINETY-NINE PERCENT OF MY CPU and 40% of my core. THIS IS INEXCUSABLE AND UNACCEPTABLE.  I remember in 2001 when iTunes was just a simple, elegant STAND-ALONE music player with which you could use very cool 3rd party plugins to improve the audio quality and EQ. NO MORE. I remember in 2001 when iTunes didn’t use any bandwidth of my Internet connection. NO MORE. Did you know that because it is constantly communicating info to the Apple servers when you are online iTunes TAKES BETWEEN 20 and 25% of your current internet bandwidth?THIS IS INEXCUSABLE AND UNACCEPTABLE. Apple needs a serious overhaul of this garbage product…”

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