CarbonROM is now available on the Honor View 10 and other Project Treble-Compatible Devices

Thanks in part to the Honor Open Source Program announced last month, we’ve seen a lot of developer support for both Huawei and Honor devices lately. Huawei really stepped to the plate and engaged with the community in ways that other OEMs simply don’t, and its efforts bore fruit this week: an unofficial build of CarbonROM has been released for both the Honor View 10 and other Project Treble-compatible devices.

It can be difficult to predict which devices will receive attention from the developer community. Developers naturally flock to popular smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, as the userbase is larger compared to other devices. When an OEM incentivizes development, though, the dynamic changes. It’s something we’ve seen in recent years with OnePlus and recently with Honor. In the past week alone, the Honor View 10 has received an AOSP Oreo ROM, an official release of TWRP, an updated version of Magisk that adds support for EMUI 8.0 devices, and a build of LineageOS 15.1 for the Honor View 10, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and other Project Treble-compatible devices.

Now, an unofficial build of CarbonROM is available for the Honor View 10 and other Project Treble-compatible devices.

Naturally, the release comes from the folks behind CarbonROM: XDA Recognized Developer Myself5, and the berkeley-dev Team. It should be noted that it’s an unofficial build, and that the goal of the release is to give a preview of what’s coming soon. It includes GApps, but you’ll want to make sure you’re on the latest stock 8.0 firmware before you flash the system.img in fastboot. Those who are familiar with the CarbonROM custom ROM will feel right at home.

Note that while the build has been tested on other Project Treble devices, the developers can only provide limited support if you discover a bug on one of them.

Check out CarbonROM in our Honor View 10 forum

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