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Destructuring and Function Arguments

The JavaScript language has benefitted from some really awesome new features over the past few years, including arrow functions, the spread operator, and default function argument values.  Even if your browser doesn’t yet support proposed JavaScript API syntax additions, you can use a tool like Babel in your Node.js app to take advantage of them […]

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Script & Style Show: Episode 5: Q&A

On this week’s episode:  Todd’s back from vacation while David’s knee-deep in a Firefox Debugger breakpoint UI update.  We eventually move on to viewer questions that range form JavaScript knowledge, the Array.flatten controversy, front-end testing (TDD vs. BDD), and mastering work-life balance.  Enjoy! As always, please get in touch if you have episode topic or […]

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Incapsula Web Application Firewall (Sponsored)

When I speak with people who have interviewed for front-end jobs at cryptocurrency exchanges, they always tell me how surprised they are that a majority of the interview questions are security-centric.  Basic front-end security practices are fair game for all front-end developer interviews but anything in the financial sector, especially cryptocurrency, is going to test […]

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