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Save Up to 67 Percent On Lenovo ThinkPads

Lenovo's ThinkPads are about to get a major overhaul. As a result, Lenovo is clearing its inventory of 2016-era ThinkPads and slashing their price by as much as 67 percent.Buy on LenovoWhile we genera… to see original story and photos

Which SSD Gets the Best Laptop Battery Life?

When we think about the components that influence laptop battery life, the CPU and display panel get top billing. However, the storage drive also uses a lot of power and having the right one can make … to see original story and photos

2018 Is the Year of Laptop Feature Upgrades

Last year, I deemed that, after a year or two of stagnation, laptops were cool again. This year, vendors are focused on making them even cooler. At last week's CES tradeshow, we saw a number of upco… to see original story and photos

Help Me, Laptop: Hard Drive or SSD?

Choosing between large cars and fast cars can be tricky, but similar questions regarding laptop storage can be easier to answer.So when forum user ally99 came to us with an AMD-based-laptop face-off… to see original story and photos