China Unicom partners with Ayla Networks to deploy IoT products

Ayla Networks has announced it has signed an official strategic cooperation agreement with leading telecommunications services provider, China Unicom.

The two companies will join forces to further their respective technological prowess and effectively channel their combined resource to deliver innovative IoT products and services.

Ayla and China Unicom presented some of their ideas for future IoT joint development, including smart home, smart hotel, connected car, intelligent cold chain, artificial intelligence (AI) and other IoT solutions at a conference in Guangzhou sponsored by China Unicom for the IoT industry. China Unicom had launched its Global IoT Connectivity Cooperation Initiative that is designed to expand the IoT business market in June 2017, and is constantly promoting IoT innovations in new markets.

As sister publication Telecoms reported earlier this month, China Unicom also received $11.7 billion in investments from leading technology companies such as Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba. Ten private and state investors are to take stake of 35% of China United Network Communications.

A statement released said: “The businesses carried out by these strategic investors are highly correlated to and complementary with the principal businesses of Unicom A Share Company, and are expected to contribute to combining the network resources, customer resources, data operation and marketing service. Unicom A Share Company will thoroughly and strategically cooperate with those newly introduced strategic investors in the areas such as cloud computation, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, home internet, digital content, retail system, and payment finance.”

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