Cisco Jasper aims to help organisations get through IoT proof of concept with new Control Center

Cisco Jasper has launched an expanded model of its Control Center connectivity platform to help organisations get past the ‘proof of concept’ stage when it comes to IoT.

The Control Center 7.0, introduced at Cisco’s Live event in Las Vegas, aims to address business’ needs for greater flexibility with a new multi-tiered IoT platform that gives companies various options to meet their specific needs, regardless of their stage of IoT implementation.

The Control Center 7.0 will also offer advanced capabilities, premium services, and LPWAN support, in some cases being the first IoT platform to do so. A new tier of the platform – Control Center Advanced – caters to customers with more sophisticated deployments that need greater capabilities, including advanced security solutions, automation and analytics.

Premium services, compatible with Control Center, include a threat protection and smart security service, providing an IoT-specific solution to protect against malware and other cybersecurity threats, built on Cisco Umbrella, while the traffic segmentation service provides a new solution to support different types of revenue generation models. Control Center 7.0 also extends the platform’s capabilities – including the platform’s global reach and scale via support for cellular networks – to low power devices via support for multiple LPWAN technologies, including NB-IoT and LTE-M.

“What we’ve learned from enabling IoT success for our 11,000 customers is that companies have different needs at different stages of their IoT journey,” said Jahangir Mohammed, GM of IoT at Cisco in a statement. “So today we’re introducing the biggest evolution of our Control Center IoT platform ever, providing a flexible model and new premium services that help meet the needs of customers at any phase.”

AT&T – a Cisco Jasper service provider – is integrating these additional capabilities to take care of the IoT needs for a broad range of industries. The platform will be called AT&T Control Center – Advanced, and will be paired with additional premium services.

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