Consumers prefer in-person assistance to get smart homes up and running

A survey aiming to understand how consumers would prefer to connect home automation and other smart devices found that they would prefer skilled in-person assistance to online help sources for connecting multiple smart devices in their homes.

For the survey, entitled “The Future of the Digital Experience: Connected Service Edition”, CSG International, through an independent research firm, polled more than 2000 consumers across five nations including the US, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Malaysia.

The survey results showed that consumers referred to online as well as in-person assistance as resources for installations of smart devices. This is because 67% of respondents are not confident in undertaking complex installations by themselves, while only 44% are somewhat confident to accomplish simple installations on their own. A total of 84% of respondents said that they will require skilled technical resource to connect just two to five devices.

Despite this, it was also found that good app and a good reputation has an important role to play for the connected service provider, because for 58% of respondents the utmost criteria is to find a reputable company to provide technical assistance. They also cited to on-demand access to help and the lowest cost option. Another 74% of respondents prefer the technician to contact them directly through phone or text.

Chad Dunavant, vice president of product management at CSG International, said: “Survey respondents have predicted that professional, technical resources will play a significant role in bridging the gap between consumers and the world of devices around us.”

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