Dell Technologies announces new IoT products and partnerships

Dell Technologies has announced a variety of new Internet of Things (IoT) products and partnerships.

The new IoT products and services from the company, which was formed after the merger of Dell and EMC, include VMware Pulse IoT Center, a secure IoT infrastructure management solution allowing customers to efficiently manage, operate, scale and protect their IoT projects from the edge to the cloud, as well as a consulting operation, the IoT Technology Advisory Service. EdgeX Foundry, an open source standards framework from the Linux Foundation previously reported on by this publication, was also noted.

Dell also said it has organised a group of IoT software and services partners through the Dell IoT Solutions Partner and Dell EMC Partner Programs. New partners recently added to the programme include Analog Devices, Atos, Bosch, ForgeRock, IOTech, Mocana and Modius.

Dell and Bosch have jointly developed an Industry 4.0 jump start kit to help customers implement IoT projects quickly to realise faster return on investment. The kit consists of multiple Bosch XDK sensors, a Dell Edge Gateway, ready-to-go use-cases, cloud integration and software, all preconfigured.

Atos and Dell EMC are working together to build an IoT service management framework, Atos Codex IoT Services, to allow customers to be assured that all users can continuously create value from their connected devices, while Atom AMPD, an enterprise-level communications solution provider, will also bundle their software with Dell Edge Gateways and embedded box PCs.

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