Developers of FireChat release MeshKit to connect mobile apps offline

The developers of mesh networking app FireChat have released MeshKit, a platform for connecting mobile apps offline using peer-to-peer networking.

Open Garden created FireChat to enable communication in areas with limited or no connectivity. Unlike traditional networks where more users cause problems from congestion, a mesh network thrives as the number of devices increases.

App developers worldwide can now reach audiences even when they are disconnected

With the number of smartphones around the world is expected to reach over 6 billion by 2020, their proliferation is offering more opportunities than ever for peer-to-peer networks. MeshKit aims to close the 'connectivity gap' by extending the reach of the Internet through seamless connections between devices.

OpenGarden claims its P2P technology can transfer apps 15 times faster than via the Internet on average. This allows for use cases such as enabling people to access games and apps, make payments, hail rides, use messaging services, get news updates, and distribute music and video clips, all while offline.

"Offline is the new frontier. The impossible is now possible with MeshKit: reach people on their smartphones even when they are offline,” said Paul Hainsworth, Open Garden's CEO. “App developers worldwide can now reach audiences even when they are disconnected from the Internet to share rich media, enable offline transactions, and grow the number of their users in an unprecedented way.”

The first company to use and demonstrate MeshKit is Studio Sol, Latin America's largest music app publisher, who plan to distribute music and apps using it to people without Internet connectivity.

"Studio Sol has always been a digital pioneer. We're excited to deploy Open Garden's innovative technology to reach more people across Brazil and let them discover new music even when they are offline," said Samuel Vignoli, co-founder and CEO at Studio Sol.

For more information about MeshKit and its applications, here's a short video:

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