Eaton joins Georgia’s IoT education and research centre for lighting expertise

Eaton, a member company with a Lighting Division based in the Atlanta area, has announced that it will be providing Georgia Institute of Technology’s Center for the Development and Application of Internet of Things Technologies (CDAIT) with lighting expertise.

Eaton aims to explore the many possibilities of IoT-enabled devices and contribute towards research that will lead to developments in transformational IoT technologies by providing hands-on training to the students and faculty in the institute. Through this partnership, the company aspires to fulfil its commitment to develop and implement IoT-connected applications that improve efficiency through controls and data, while also serving the needs of businesses, governments and consumers.

The new Connected Lighting Classroom at Eaton’s SOURCE Lighting Education Center near Atlanta is dedicated to educate lighting specifiers, architects, engineers, electrical contractors, builders and university students about IoT-connected lighting solutions by delivering detailed trainings and hands-on demonstrations. Eaton’s engineering office in Midtown Atlanta will play a vital role in this endeavour by enabling a direct connection to CDAIT campus.

Parth Joshi, chief technology officer and vice president, Engineering, Eaton’s Lighting Division, said, “IoT systems are laying the groundwork for smart, connected buildings, communities and homes, and lighting is a key factor in the enablement and adoption of these technologies.”

Alain Louchez, managing director of CDAIT, said, “CDAIT is working to effectively and efficiently unite the many pieces of the IoT puzzle, from sensing and actuating technology to information extraction. By bringing Eaton’s experts together with our students and faculty, we will increase our understanding of the role lighting plays in IoT connectivity while expanding, educating and energizing the market around the unique capabilities of IoT applications.”

Picture credit: Eaton

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