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So last month I decided to look for a new hosting company after in the UK became less interested in sorting out the problems for their normal hosting customers and more interested in selling their new “cloud hosting” option that even at its most basic coast 4 times as much.

I looked around and googled for best hosting companies and naively fell for the manufactured top ten lists that recommended at no2, an american company that was said to be one of the best . Wrong, it took me 24 hours to realise that all that promotion was just that and didn’t reflect the the real experience so the account was cancelled and a refund was demanded but the catch was that the domain name that was said to be free wasn’t free if you cancelled your account, and getting control of it you had to enter the nightmare support ticket system that they operate.

I have just received a reply from their accounts department 10 days after sending a query and they will now for 15 dollars allow me to have the domain unlocked so when 60 days are up (Stupid Icann rule) I can transfer the domain out of nightmare US territory into the UK and host it with my new hosting company.

So, this is a warning don’t be taken in by “top ten” lists as they are all paid for and biased, and always google a company before you buy and end up in a nightmare system !!!!


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