Even after tweaking your settings, Windows 10 is still a privacy nightmare

“After Windows 10 was offered up as a free upgrade to any user currently using a legal version of Windows, reports started to roll in that Microsoft’s generosity was actually a thinly-veiled excuse to track users and collect data with its most invasive operating system yet.”


It’s not believed that that this data is being used for purposes that aren’t specifically intended to make your user experience more pleasurable, but you can’t not be concerned after reviewing a recent report by Voat user CheesusCrust (now deleted).

It was commonly thought that Windows 10 was more than a little invasive, but that some security tweaks within the operating system could keep Microsoft from tracking you.

Well, not exactly.

CheesusCrust set up a little test using a Linux laptop with virtualization software running Windows 10 Enterprise and a router using DD-WRT (open source firmware) to monitor traffic.

He also followed one of the many guides online to disable every single tracking and telemetry feature running on Windows 10 before leaving it to run overnight and monitoring network traffic.


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