Fairhair Alliance drafts specifications to equip commercial buildings with IoT

The Fairhair Alliance, a confederation of leading companies from lighting, building automation and technology, has framed three draft specifications covering resource modeling, resource discovery, and security in a move to bring the Internet of Things (IoT) to commercial buildings.

The specifications have undergone an external review, and the feedback received will help Fairhair to make further enhancements.

Fairhair is dedicated towards making a set of technical specifications that will define a set of common system services for the creation of a common IP-based infrastructure, based on open IEEE and IETF standards. This will enable the use of a single, unified IP-based network infrastructure in commercial buildings.

It aims to further the use of the IoT in the building-automation and lighting-control industries so that they can build secure, cost-effective and scalable systems. Fairhair is also advancing the adoption of its specifications by well-established ecosystems such as BACnet, KNX and Zigbee.

Fairhair benchmarked the scope and direction of its work by opening up to a selected group of external companies, organizations and university groups, who were asked to review the draft specifications. One of the suggestions it received was to increase the flexibility of the metadata framework by including the concept of linked data and to better integrate implementation efforts into the work plan of the alliance.

According to Navigant Research back in June, the global ‘IoT for intelligent buildings’ market is set to surpass $22 billion in 2026, up from $6.3bn in 2017. The research noted that commercial building owners are ‘feeling the pressure to invest in intelligent building technologies that leverage the IoT, providing better insight on operations and equipment as well as access to real-time data for productivity, convenience, and sustainability.’

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