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Soon after we launched our new company in early 2007, we were creating the first green packaging brand – Globe Guard®, the very first on line packaging store focused on sustainable packaging – and innovating products like our Globe Guard® Reusable Box and our Globe Guard® Reusable Box Sealer.


In presentation and in writing, we have also been thought leaders introducing terms like the importance of being “eco- consistent” – if you are selling a green product to a green consumer, your packaging has to be consistent with your marketing. We also helped people understand the importance of being “eco-obvious”which essentially means that consumers tend to rank all packaging materials as being very green or not. Sometimes the perception is accurate and other times it is not, so you may need to educate and inform your customers to help them understand the good you are doing.


Common sense sustainability


Of all the terms and catch phrases we have communicated, perhaps none is more important than or as simple as the concept of common sense sustainability. While others debate and argue over definitions, products and approaches, we advise our customers to adhere to the basic idea of “The Three R’s”. This is to reduce, recycle and reuse.


Few companies in the same period of time have accomplished so much to help companies dramatically reduce their cost, as well as their carbon and water footprints. We have not done it with trendy materials that tend to come and go, or major changes requiring substantial upfront investments and costs. Rather, our approach has been through material conscious package design.


In other words: minimize and use less (reduce), use as much recycled content as possible and make sure the end result is also recyclable (recycle), and whenever possible, create packaging with extended life cycles (reuse).

100 percent recycled content RSC and die-cut mailer boxes

Why Green is good — and good for your business.

Sustainability reduces overall costs, improves productivity, minimizes waste, and strengthens relationships with your external and internal customers. We can help you achieve your sustainability goals and your financial goals simultaneously. It does not have to be a choice of one or the other!

Make Salazar Packaging your source for Green ideas, products, and services

Our experience, results, and reputation in the packaging business have enabled us to secure the best sustainable packaging product lines, associate ourselves with the best and brightest minds, and deliver the quickest positive results.
You do not have to endure the expensive and time-consuming task of product research, evaluation, and testing because we have already done it for you. Below is just a small sampling of the products and services we offer.

Sustainable Packaging film solutions including:


  • Shrinkable and non-shrinkable PE, PP and other film structures made from non-petroleum based resins and no PVC. We are your recyclable, biodegradable and compostable film resource.
  • Bags in almost any configuration and size, printed and un-printed for retail, industrial and mailing applications.
  • Shrink bands, printed and unprinted in earth friendly resin blends.
  • Pallet wrapping stretch films designed to minimize waste and deliver the highest yield as well as the lowest possible cost of every load you ship out.

Sustainable Packaging corrugated and paperboard solutions including:


  • Globe Guard® shipping boxes, die cut mailers, paper board cartons and rigid wall retail boxes as partitions dividers and inserts, all made from recyclable, high recycled content materials.
  • Slip sheets, corrugated pads, trays, and custom designs to minimize corrugated, and equipment to automate their use.
Custom and semi-custom paper based protective internal packaging

Sustainable Packaging void fill, interior packaging and cushioning solutions including:


  • Recyclable, high recycled content and biodegradable inflatable void fill bags and “bubble on demand” systems. Paper-based loose fill products and the greenest cushioning materials available to eliminate the use of bubble packaging or packing peanuts.
  • High consumer waste content papers for wrapping, interleaving and cushioning applications in environmentally friendly, recyclable materials. Thick wall and thin wall molded pulp designs and products for interior packaging as well as cushioning.

Custom molded pulp trays and clamshells

Sustainable Packaging supplies and shipping products including:


  • Pouches, mailers and envelopes made from recycled papers and films.
  • Corner board to help secure pallets with a minimum of stretch film.
  • Reusable totes, containers, and pallets.
  • Earth friendly tapes for case closure or other applications.


Sustainable Packaging services including:


  • Initial package design as well as review and re-design.
  • Recycling programs.
  • Line audits and consulting.
  • Speaking and training.
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