Get Keychain Passwords from Command Line

One of my favorite command line utilities is Guillermo Rauch’s wifi-password, a utility that allows you to get a saved password for the wifi network you’re presently connected to (to share with colleagues or creeper in the cafe you’re in).  The idea of being able to get a password from command line is super useful, especially when it comes to retrieving a password for a website.

If I don’t recall a password but know that Mac OS’ keychain has it, I need to open my browser, go to the desired website, use the developer tools to change the input type from password to text, a process that takes far too long for my liking.  Shouldn’t getting a password from keychain be faster?  It can be with security:

sudo security find-internet-password -gs

The snippet above queries the keychain (sometimes triggering a system permission dialog or two along the way), returning the account (username or email) and password registered on my system for the given domain!

keychain: "/Users/myuser/Library/Keychains/login.keychain-db"
version: 512
class: "inet"
attributes: 0x00000007 <blob>="" 0x00000008 <blob>=<NULL> "acct"<blob>="" "atyp"<blob>="form" "crtr"<uint32>="rimZ" "cusi"<sint32>=<NULL> "desc"<blob>=<NULL> "icmt"<blob>=<NULL> "invi"<sint32>=<NULL> "nega"<sint32>=<NULL> "path"<blob>="/" "port"<uint32>=0x00000000 "prot"<blob>=<NULL> "ptcl"<uint32>="htps" "scrp"<sint32>=<NULL> "sdmn"<blob>=<NULL> "srvr"<blob>="" "type"<uint32>=<NULL>
password: "wouldntyouliketoknow"

If you’ve not explored the security utility, I highly recommend it.  You can get an exported credential list, set passwords, create new dictionaries and more!

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