Giveaway: OSCON Austin, May 8-11!

O’Reilly’s amazing OSCON is coming to Austin, Texas from May 8-11th, 2017.  OSCON celebrates open source, the community, and the driving forces for open source software on the web.  We’ve all used open source software and many of us have contributed to those open source projects.  OSCON gives you a chance to meet and listen to like-minded people in the community.


O’Reilly is giving a free pass to one of my awesome readers!  All you have to do is leave a comment below mentioning the first open source project you contributed to.  My first open source contribution was to MooTools and I look forward to hearing what your first contribution was!


O’Reilly has also given me a 20% off discount code to OSCON!  Use `PC20DWALSH` to get a 20% off discount on this or any other O’Reilly event!

In-Person Training:  Practical microservices: Technologies and Techniques

Join Sequoia McDowell for a hands-on, in-depth exploration of microservices. In this course, you’ll learn what benefits a microservice architecture can bring your organization and how microservices can make your applications faster, more scalable, less expensive to run, easier to update, and more secure!

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    Hey everyone! Before we get started, I just want to say it’s damn hard to pick this few favorites on CodePen. Not because, as a co-founder of CodePen, I feel like a dad picking which kid he likes best (RUDE). But because there is just so…

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    I love almost every part of being a tech blogger:  learning, preaching, bantering, researching.  The one part about blogging that I absolutely loathe:  dealing with SPAM comments.  For the past two years, my blog has registered 8,000+ SPAM comments per day.  PER DAY.  Bloating my database…

  • Using jQuery and MooTools Together

    There’s yet another reason to master more than one JavaScript library: you can use some of them together! Since MooTools is prototype-based and jQuery is not, jQuery and MooTools may be used together on the same page. The XHTML and JavaScript jQuery is namespaced so the…

  • Using MooTools For Opacity

    Although it’s possible to achieve opacity using CSS, the hacks involved aren’t pretty. If you’re using the MooTools JavaScript library, opacity is as easy as using an element’s “set” method. The following MooTools snippet takes every image with the “opacity” class and sets…

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