Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa may be coming to the Xbox One

It appears that Microsoft’s Xbox One console will support both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, according to a leaked screenshot obtained by Windows Central. While you can currently use Cortana on the Xbox One, it has a number of limitations. Not only is it of much poorer quality than both the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, using it requires a headset or a Kinect sensor. It’s fairly impractical, as not every person is using a headset to play games or watch TV and even fewer will have the Kinect sensor laying around.

xbox one google assistant amazon alexa

After enabling third-party digital assistants on the Xbox One, you’ll then have to search for Xbox in the assistant app of your choosing. According to Windows Central, the screenshot comes from a reliable source who is familiar with current discussions between Microsoft and Amazon. We don’t know what features you’ll be able to take advantage of, but it’s likely that you’ll have access to the thousands of assistant features from both platforms. Thanks to the growing number of integrations that Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are both gaining, this will greatly improve the Xbox One’s use as a home entertainment center.

But the good news isn’t over. As previously reported by Windows Central, a deal between Microsoft and Amazon to integrate Cortana with Alexa may have been struck. This would mean Microsoft would allow access to Amazon Alexa on most of its products. Similarly, perhaps they’ve struck a deal with Google to integrate Google Assistant as well. It’s a bit of a strange addition, but there’s not much to complain about when our existing devices become smarter. It’s unknown when the update to the Xbox One will arrive, but it’s likely to come sooner rather than later if we’re starting to see leaks of it. There’s also a chance that the deal falls through and it never comes to fruition, so don’t get too excited.

Source: Windows Central

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