Google Assistant now integrates with Fandango to let you easily buy movie tickets

Google Assistant has become a pretty nifty tool in our daily lives since it was first introduced to us with the first generation Google Pixel all the way back in 2016. Since then, it has been refined with more features and services, and it has also become available on more Android smartphones but also dedicated hardware like the Google Home and smart displays. It is one of the most used virtual assistants available, though it still falls behind Amazon Alexa in terms of market share. Alexa has a Fandango skill to help you buy movie tickets, and now Google Assistant is catching up by offering Fandango integration as well.

Users of the Google Assistant are now able to use Fandango to quickly buy movie tickets. Just ask Google Assistant for showtimes for your favorite movie, and it will then ask you for your preferred one. The assistant then allows you to get the tickets if you wish to do so using Fandango’s services. If you already have a movie and a certain time in mind, you can cut the crap and say “Hey Google, get me tickets for [X] movie.” You can buy tickets for movies showing in cinemas like Avengers: Infinity War, or reserve tickets for upcoming movies like Solo: A Star Wars Story. You can even select your seats for those cinemas which require reserved seating.

Keep in mind, however, that this feature is probably only working in the U.S. and other countries officially supported by Fandango—after all, each country is quite different. But if you’re in a supported region and interested in using the service, then update the Google App and fire up Assistant to ask it for some showtimes.

Source: Google

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