Google Camera mod adds Photobooth, Motion tracking, & live Google Lens to the Pixel 2

The Google Pixel 3 was announced earlier this month with many new features in the Googe Camera app like real-time Google Lens suggestions, motion tracking autofocus, Photobooth, Night Sight, and Super Res Zoom. These features all work great on the Pixel 3, but only Night Sight will officially be available for the Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2. Fortunately, we have great developers like XDA Senior Members cstark27 and Arnova8G2 who are working on porting these features for older Pixel devices.

XDA Senior member cstark27 was able to get the amazing Night Sight mode working on all Google Pixel devices earlier this week. Now, he has released an updated port of his Google Camera mod that now only brings Night Sight to all Google Pixel devices, but also adds Portrait Mode to the original Google Pixel and Pixel XL and adds Photobooth, motion tracking autofocus, and real-time Google Lens Suggestions to the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL. Motion tracking autofocus lets you track an object you select in the viewfinder and keep that object in focus. If the object or the phone moves, whatever was in focus will still be the target of the phone’s autofocus. Photobooth recognizes when you and other subjects in view are making faces like smiles, and will automatically capture a photo when it detects that.

With this Google Camera port, Google Pixel 2 users also have access to HDR+ Enhanced, which cstark27 says improves color in extreme low-light conditions. He also managed to get the new automatic FPS switcher feature ported. This lets the phone decide whether to record video 1080p at 30fps or 60fps, even switching between them mid-video. The other few features that have been ported include the HEVC/h.265 toggle and possibly Super Res Zoom, though the developer isn’t sure that the latter feature actually works. Portrait mode for the original Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL only works on human faces, though. That’s because the devices don’t have the required dual pixel camera sensor. There’s also an option for different versions of HDR and HDR+ for all three generations of Google Pixel devices.

You can install this updated Google Camera port by side-loading the APK linked below. If you have any issues, report them with logs to the forum thread.

Download Google Pixel 3 camera port for the Pixel and Pixel 2

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