Google finally makes it possible to move music between casting devices

Every once in a while Google adds a feature that makes people shout “finally!” If you have multiple Google Home speakers and casting devices spread throughout your home, Google just announced such a feature. Starting today, it’s possible to “move” music between casting devices in your home.

The situation is pretty common: you’re listening to music in the kitchen and then you move to the living room. There was no easy way to simply move the streaming music from the kitchen speaker to the living room speaker without interruption. It required switching the cast device manually on your phone or a convoluted string of voice commands.

Now, you can say “OK Google, move the music to the living room speaker” and it will do exactly that. Google is also making it possible to switch between devices in the Google Home app. Just tap the Cast button and choose a device (or group) to move the music to. This feature also works with videos so you can move a YouTube video from a Chromecast-enabled TV to a smart display.

As someone with Google Home Mini speakers spread around my house, this is a most welcomed feature. I always felt like this was something I should be able to do. Google says “stream transfer” is available on all of your streaming audio apps and YouTube for videos. It’s rolling out today to Chromecast-enabled devices, Google Home smart speakers, and Nest smart displays. As of the writing of this article, it wasn’t working on my devices just yet.

Source: Google

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