Google Home Hub features will roll out to more Smart Displays

Google Home Hub

The Google Home Hub was one of the several new devices shown off by Google this week. This is their own version of the Smart Displays that were launched by Lenovo and JBL earlier this year. Google demoed a few features on the Google Home Hub that are not yet available on those other Smart Display, but they will be in the future.

Google says a “major” update is coming to these other Smart Speakers in the next few weeks. This update will add many of the features shows off on the Google Home Hub. The list includes:

  • Multi-room audio: Smart Displays can be a part of a speaker group.
  • Live Albums: Google Photos can play a slideshow of photos in Ambient Mode.
  • Nest Hello Doorbell: see who’s at the door on the display.
  • Home view: an overview screen of all your smart home devices, like the recent Google Home app update.
  • More voice controls for media and entertainment devices like TVs, speakers, remotes, and more.

We’re glad to see Google will be bringing these features to all Smart Displays. These devices are all supposed to be running the same software, so it would have been disappointing if Google saved certain features for their device. Keep an eye out for these features to start appearing over the next few weeks.

Source: Google

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