Google Keep now lets you indent items in lists for better organizing

Google Keep was released back in March 2013. Since then, it’s been my go-to note-taking app just because it’s so simple—maybe a little too simple. I’ve watched it gain a lot of new features, removed some features, etc over the years. While I’d be more than happy to see a Material Design 2.0 refresh of Keep, I’m still happy with any new feature Google rolls out. Keep is now getting a pretty nice feature update: indenting items in lists.

You can indent items by sliding right on their slider. Unfortunately, you can nest items only one time. Nevertheless, this is a great update that will help us better organize our lists.

As it turns out, the new update isn’t an exclusive for Android. It is also available for the iOS and Web versions of the service so you can indent your lists on every supported device!

This is a server-side change, so updating the app won’t add the new feature for you. But, if you don’t already have Google Keep installed, you can download the latest version from the link below. The new update was released for everyone at the same time—it seems like Google didn’t go with a gradual rollout this time.

Google Keep (Free, Google Play) →

Via: Android Police

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