Google Maps is preparing to add a dark mode for menus and settings

Over the past year, Google has been gradually updating all its app with a new dark mode setting. The company recently released dark mode support for Google Translate, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. And now, the company is preparing to add a dark mode option for menus and settings on Google Maps. While Google released a dark mode for navigation on Google Maps back in 2018, the app didn’t include an option to turn on dark mode for the menus and settings pages. According to a recent tweet from Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a), the company is finally working on adding a universal dark mode toggle to the app.

As you can see in the screenshots shared in the tweet, the new dark theme option in Google Maps can be found within the Appearance section in the app settings. Tapping on the option brings up a pop-up window with three options — Light theme, Dark theme, and Default to device theme. Selecting the Dark theme option and tapping on the Save button converts all of the app’s white UI elements to a dark gray, with the text going from black to white to maintain visibility.

The Default to device theme option, on the other hand, will let Google Maps automatically pick the system-wide theme currently in use. This means that if you’re using a scheduled system-wide dark mode, the app will conform to the current theme based on your global settings. As of now, it isn’t clear which version of the app introduces the new Dark theme setting. The setting wasn’t available on Google Maps v10.50.0 beta on my device. We’ll update this post as soon as we receive more information about the rollout.

Source: Twitter

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