Google now lists Instant Apps in the Play Store

Developers who have enabled Instant Apps will now find their users can use a portion of their apps at the press of a button — without requiring a full download.

The feature was first announced back in May last year, so it’s been a long time coming. The first of the apps began rolling out in January, but it’s taken until now for others to come available.

Earlier this week, we reported of an update to Google’s programming kit which made Instant Apps much quicker. It was perhaps a safe bet that Google was gearing up to a wider rollout of the feature.

Users can head to supported apps listings in the Play Store and tap the ‘Try it Now’ button to give it a go before committing. A load of examples can be found here.

According to Google’s case studies, app developers have seen great results from Instant Apps.

Vimeo claims Instant Apps increased session duration by 130 percent. Jet says conversion rates have increased by 27 percent. Realtor has found they’ve driven twice the amount of leads per property view.

To find out how to make your app an Instant App, head this way

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