cut and paste

So in the 1980’s I qualified and worked as a graphic designer for many years, these were the days of limited IT & DTP software so I trained the hard way with everything done manually with pen and ink and real cut and paste with paper, scissors and glue, spray mount was the tool there !


I progressed to an Amiga and learned the ropes and when the “macintosh” came out longed to have one, in those days only printers could afford them or big graphic design houses as they were a  few thousand pounds. When windows 95 came out (Guess… 1994) I bought a shiny new PC and a “New” software package called “Corel Draw” this was fantastic and I used it all the way up to version 7, it produced some great graphics, posters, publications etc and I was able to work 100 times as fast.

I worked as a Graphic artist now using digital tools for quite a few years producing small company promotional material, posters, flyers, and stationary etc, working with local printers to produce the stacks of paper … at this time the internet was still very basic and wasn’t really considered by the average member of the public as something they could appear on ……


to be continued…….

Rojenx is a leading concept artist who work appears in games and publications

Check out his personal gallery here

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