ICYMI: Google Maps Prompts You to Save Offline Maps Ahead of Upcoming Trips

We live in a connected world, but it’s nice to have offline access to the maps you use most often. Whether you’re cruising backcountry roads or nearing your monthly data limit, you don’t have to think twice about the maps stored on your phone’s flash memory — they aren’t going anywhere.

Downloading offline maps in Google Maps, Google’s cross-platform navigation application, is easy enough in the regions where the feature’s available — all it takes is typing a place name in the app’s search bar, tapping a name or address from the list of results, and hitting the Download button (or three-dot menu button and then the Download offline map option). Trouble is, you have to remember to save maps while you’re connected to the web, but a nifty Google Maps feature does some of the hard work for you.

Google Maps pulls in upcoming trips from your Google account and prompts you to save maps of nearby places. The feature isn’t showing up for everyone, strangely, but some Google Maps beta users in this Reddit thread reported seeing it as early as last year.

So how’s Google know about your next vacation? If you use Gmail, the search giant’s algorithm combes through your inbox for vacation rentals, restaurant reservations, rental cars, event tickets, and more, and creates a trip whenever it finds (1) a means of transport (such as a flight or train reservation), (2) an overnight stay (a hotel reservation), or both.

Alternatively, you can add upcoming trips manually by downloading the Google Trips app, entering a destination in the search box, tapping Create trip, and selecting dates and additional destinations.

If you’re seeing the Google Maps upcoming trips prompt in the Google Maps app, let us know in the comments.

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