IoTAA launches guide to address concerns about B2C IoT services

IoT Alliance Australia (IoTAA) has launched a new guide intended to address consumer-related issues about business to consumer (B2C) IoT services.

The guide titled “Good Data Practice: A Guide for Business to Consumer IoT Services for Australia”, launched at the Comms Day/Communications Alliance IoT Summit in Sydney, is an outcome of a joint effort by industry, consumer representatives and regulatory bodies. While launching the 20-page guide, Gavin Smith, IoTAA Chair and President and Chairman of Robert Bosch Australia, commented: “The IoTAA is publishing the Guide to promote industry and consumer awareness of good practice in dealing with data associated with business to consumer (B2C) IoT services. IoTAA believes that industry needs to step up and take responsibility for the inherent risks in internet of Things services. Providers can rely too heavily on consumers to understand and mitigate risks.”

Targeting IoT providers, the guide has underscored some recommendations, such as just or honest listing of ‘terms of use’ for IoT products and services, to help build consumer trust and understanding of safe use of these products. Due to the involvement of multiple devices and providers in the IoT device and service delivery chain, consumer concerns about collection and uses of their professional and personal data are high.

The IoTAA guide has drafted seven Good Data Practice Principles involving consumer protection, accountability, customer empowerment, cyber protection, cyber protection, data minimisation and customer data control.

Peter Leonard, the chair of IoTAA’s Data Workstream, said: “Industry and consumers need a better engagement model to ensure IoT services deliver benefits without consumer detriment. Industry can take the lead, but only through good engagement with consumers and regulators and open and frank discussions about how to work together to address and reduce risks.”

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