Jenkins gets a smoother experience with latest CloudBees updates

CloudBees, the hub of enterprise Jenkins and DevOps, has introduced CloudBees Jenkins Advisor, a new free service that analyses Jenkins environments continuously to identify potential issues.

The service then advises on corrective actions before they impact business-critical software delivery, ensuring improved uptime, performance and productivity.

CloudBees has developed an expansive knowledge base and diagnostic tools to detect issues ranging from simple configuration issues to security and best practices concerns. These tools and CloudBees' knowledge base are now available to all Jenkins users through this free service. Jenkins has an estimated 1,000,000+ users worldwide.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Jenkins founder and CTO at CloudBees, said, “As Jenkins spreads more and more into organizations of all sizes, we want to ensure that developers get the best, smoothest experience out of Jenkins. Outages, performance issues and other problems can hurt people's confidence in software delivery automation.

"With CloudBees Jenkins Advisor, we can proactively identify potential issues for our users in Jenkins, administrators can nip problems in the bud and everyone can focus on other, more important things.”

Elsewhere, the Jenkins project, the community of practitioners using open source Jenkins, and lead organizing sponsor CloudBees, have announced the winners of the inaugural Jenkins World Awards. The Jenkins Community Awards recognise individual Jenkins community contributors and the CloudBees Innovation Awards recognise enterprises demonstrating DevOps excellence and proven value.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi, in consultation with the Jenkins World 2017 Organizing Committee, selected the Jenkins Community Awards. Sacha Labourey, CEO and co-founder of CloudBees, Alan Shimel, editor-in-chief of and Robert Stroud, principal analyst, Forrester selected the CloudBees Innovation Award winners.

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