Kritek and Skyline form strategic partnership to offer turnkey smart city solutions

A strategic partnership has been announced between Kritek – a provider of the cloud-native Klover Smart Transportation Platform – and Skyline Products (a leading provider of NTCIP dynamic message signs) to offer new turnkey smart city solutions.

The collaboration will see these companies working on Klover-enable Skyline’s Signs which are securely accessible from the cloud, so they can be easily integrated into Klover’s workflows, and managed from anywhere at any time. Along with their focus on providing turnkey solutions, they will also offer Smart Trip Travel Times to easily provide estimated route times to the traveling public.

Kritek CEO Pawan Kharbanda, said: “Customers are looking for turnkey solutions that tightly integrate software and hardware to solve specific transportation needs. Our partnership provides an out-of-the-box solution to today’s congested roadways, posting current trip travel times to signage on well-traveled routes.

“As the ITS industry moves toward increasingly intelligent traffic systems, robust hardware-software integration has become critical to efficient traffic management,” Kharbanda added. “Partnering with Klover allows us both to meet an important customer need, providing a unique, field-ready solution that keeps traffic moving safely on crowded roadways.”

In July The Fairhair Alliance – a group of leading companies from lighting, building automation and technology – framed three draft specifications covering resource modelling, resource discovery, and security in a move to bring IoT to commercial buildings. It is dedicated to make a set of technical specifications that will define a set of common system services to create a common IP-based infrastructure, based on open IEEE and IETF standards.

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