Mueller Systems and Senet partner for smart water management in North America


Mueller Systems and Senet have partnered to introduce new advancements to water utilities through usage of smart-water metering throughout North America.

Mueller Systems, provider of smart metering solutions to optimise the delivery and use of water, will employ the services of Senet, the first and fastest growing provider of low-power, wide-area networks (LPWANs) with its class-leading LoRa modulation for IoT/M2M applications in North America to boost its AMI solution and Mi.Net System’s capabilities in the market. Both companies are members of the LoRa Alliance.

This collaboration aims to resolve long-standing and demanding connectivity requirements associated with the IoT. John Nye, VP of business development for Senet, said: “We bring the experience, reliability and flexibility to move quickly, enabling IoT application providers to aggregate sensor data at scale and improve the performance and value of expanding critical infrastructure projects.”

Hassan Ali, VP and GM of Mueller Systems, said: “By leveraging the IoT, municipalities can transform their water systems into open communications systems enabling them to improve the service they offer their customers and increase the connectivity of all city services.”

Back in July Anglian Water, one of the largest water recyclers in the UK, joined forces with communications infrastructure group, Arqiva and utility technology provider, Sensus to trial a smart water metering service wherein Anglian Water will receive recordings of hourly usage readings in residential and non-residential properties from Sensus. This will facilitate Anglian to determine any potential leaks or unusual usage patterns in the area and comprehend water consumption levels in the given area. 

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