New API launch aims to unify blockchain and game development

GameCredits Inc, an IT and finance company ‘with a mission to deliver blockchain-based products to a mass market in the gaming industry’, has announced the launch of a free API to enable developers to offer its cryptocurrency for in-game payments.

The blockchain, a distributed database which theoretically offers more secure data transfer across payments and potentially other applications, is being taken to a wider market base for the first time with this release, the company claims. “GameCredits strives to provide game developers and gamers with a mutually beneficial solution they equally deserve,” the company notes on its API page.

The company claims that developers who go down their route can increase revenue by 20%, eliminate chargebacks, and open up various new geographical areas for payment. GameCredits partnered with Datcroft in November, and adds that after this partnership its API has been beefed up to now be able to support a transaction capacity of 70,000 users per second.

“Game developers have consistently been taken advantage of,” said Alex Migitko, GameCredits chief operating officer. “Cryptocurrency payments can not only save developers money, but create brand new gaming economies. GameCredits will make this possibility a reality.”

Users need to request access to the API by providing a brief description of products and paid for services to GameCredits. You can find out more information here.

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