New study affirms importance of connected devices having built-in security

Nine out of 10 consumers polled by Irdeto say security should be built into a connected device, while more than three quarters (78%) say they are aware that any smart device has the potential to be hacked.

The study polled more than 7,800 consumers from six different countries; Brazil, China, Germany, India, the UK, and US. The findings also revealed that the older generation (82% of respondents) was more aware about security concerns arising from smart devices connected over Wi-Fi as compared to millennials (72%).

When asked to ascertain who would shoulder the responsibility for implementing security, among consumers or manufacturers, 56% consumers believed that it was the responsibility of both the end-user and the manufacturer of the product. 15% of the consumers believe they are responsible, while 20% feel the manufacturer of the device should take on the responsibility. In China, 31% consumers believed it is the responsibility of manufacturers, whereas in Brazil, 23% believed that end-users should take care of the security of connected devices.

In stark contrast, 42% of German respondents were not concerned about security of their connected device getting compromised, and Brazilians expressing the most concern about their device getting hacked.

Mark Hearn, director of IoT security at Irdeto, said: “Today’s connected world needs consumers to be vigilant about security threats. On the device manufacturer side, there must be a better “defence-in-depth” approach to cybersecurity that integrates multiple layers of security into a system. This approach, combined with ongoing security updates to protect against the latest threats, is critical to mitigate attacks targeting IoT technologies.”

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