Notifix is an Android app that groups your notifications like Gmail

Notifications are a big part of what makes Android such a great operating system. Since it was first launched, Android has had the best smartphone notification system. Google has changed how they work and look over the years. One of the biggest changes was “bundled” notifications. This feature groups multiple notifications from a single app. You can then expand the bundle to take action on individual ones. Notifix is an app that can do this for all notifications.

Notifix is more than a simple notification manager. The app uses machine learning to automatically bundle notifications into categories. It doesn’t just group things based on the app name. The five categories are Primary, Promotions, News, Messages, and Social. You can view them separately without losing the deep-link from the original notification.

The great thing about Notifix is you don’t have to do any configuration. The categorization is automatic thanks to the power of TensorFlow. Instead of having a bunch of separate listings from a dozen different apps, you can have everything neatly organized into groups. Notifix was created by XDA Senior Member balamu96m. It’s a free app that can be downloaded from the Play Store. Check it out and get your messy status bar under control.

Notifix – Content Aware Notification Management! (Free, Google Play) →

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