O2 launches Liberty API project to provide mobility and social-demographic info to developers

O2 in the Czech Republic has launched the Liberty API project which aims to provide developers with access to some of the mobile operator’s data.

"At O2 we have a variety of unique systems built upon our data sources. Through open APIs to become a skilled partner for developers to create new products and solutions," describes Petr Holeček, manager of internal innovation center O2.

Two APIs will be offered as part of the pilot – the Mobility API, and the Socio-demo API. The former will provide mobility information about the number of people travelling between two locations, while the latter provides social demographic information about the number of persons – and their age and gender – in a given locality.

"Of course, we place great emphasis on protecting the data of our customers who are always anonymised and aggregated. The information obtained thus never be applied to a specific person. In addition, if any of the numeric values returned for a given combination of locations is less than the limit, then the API will not return a numeric value, " says Petr Holeček.

The first to use the open APIs will be the Research Centre for Traffic Geography in the Natural Science faculty of the Charles University in Prague. "We tested the data usage of both APIs as a resource for our interaction analysis. We also want to verify that their use can streamline the collection of empirical data," says Miroslav Marada, Ph.D.

You can get started with the APIs and find samples of them in action here.

Do you plan on trying O2’s APIs for mobility and social-demographic info? Let us know in the comments.

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