O2 unveils wearable tech phone nail

Mobile Nails is available to test in the Harvey Nichols store now for a week

O2 has today (Dec 19) unveiled ‘Mobile Nails’ a wearable tech nail that can be used as a phone, claiming the human body will replace smartphones by 2049.

The Mobile Nails concept was created in collaboration between the operator and beauty brand Nails Inc. It’s available to test from today for a week at the Nails Inc stand, in the Harvey Nichols department store in London.

Alongside,  O2 published its Future of Mobility Report, in collaboration with futurologist Dr Ian Pearson, claiming human bodies and technology will intertwine in the next three decades.

Pearson predicts that a mixture of embedded sensors – tiny capsules inside the skin close to nerve endings – and wearable technology – such as visors or contact lenses – will completely change interactions between friends, colleagues and even businesses.

VR handshakes and less awkward dates

Using such technology Pearson says face-to-face meetings can be carried out via virtual reality by 2049. Physical interaction such as handshakes can be felt with sensors.

Health and fitness tracking demands will upgrade to the point where emergency services will be contacted if a user’s condition deteriorates.

Augmented reality visors will be commonplace showing common interests within people, artificial intelligence can be used for dating where a trillion reactions can be analysed to tell users whether it is going well.

According to a survey carried out by O2 with a pool sample of 2000 in September this year, consumers are looking forward to body augments.

Over two-thirds (66pc) believe advances in technology will make life easier, just over a quarter (26pc) are excited about these changes.

56 per cent of those surveyed are looking forward to augmenting and adapting their bodies, revealing that they would be happy to consider implants for practical purposes such as monitoring health (41pc) and unlocking doors (23pc) rather than for sharing of feelings (10pc).

Need to adapt

O2 chief marketing officer Nina Bibby said: “The way our customers interact with one another will change drastically in the next thirty years and as a brand we’ll need to adapt to this.

“We are always looking ahead to the next developments in mobile and to be able to bridge the gap between fashion and tech is a really exciting challenge. People have been customising mobile phones for years but this is the next step towards tech becoming part of how we decorate our bodies.”


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