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New Theme Release : Avery

We’ve just released a new WordPress theme called Avery. It’s a very simple theme at first glance, but has some very nice customizable features for anyone who likes to use imagery within content.

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HTML Cheat Sheet for Beginners

In today’s market, many WordPress themes tout the phrase “No knowledge of HTML needed”. But the simple fact is HTML is really really easy to learn. It’s a beautiful language that in most cases, does exactly what it sounds like. If you’re looking to learn some basic HTML skills Lifehacker has posted an awesome cheat sheet for you.

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New WordPress Theme : Stellar

Our latest WordPress theme is called Stellar and it’s probably our favorite yet. Stellar has a nice featured post slider/carousel and lots of little extras we think you’ll love.

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stdlib: Create Scalable Node.js Microservices in a Flash

Hey everyone – today I have the honor of walking you through using the brand new service registry for microservices, stdlib. You can also check out stdlib on GitHub, which is the open source project we’ll be using to generate service scaffolding and take care of package management. What is stdlib? Easy! It’s a new […]

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Six Tiny But Awesome ES6 Features

Everyone in the JavaScript community loves new APIs, syntax updates, and features — they provide better, smarter, more efficient ways to accomplish important tasks.  ES6 brings forth a massive wave of new goodies and the browser vendors have worked hard over the past year to get those language updates into their browser.  While there are big updates, some of […]

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