Pennsylvania gears up for fleet optimisation alongside CalAmp

The Bureau of Vehicle Management (BVM) of the US state of Pennsylvania will deploy CalAmp’s automotive IoT solution for commercial fleets in an effort to have better insights into vehicle utilisation, bring down costs and streamline fleet operations.

The bureau has also decided to deploy the FleetOutlook on roughly 50% of state-owned vehicle fleets to boost efficiency, address maintenance related concerns promptly and defend vehicle theft. The bureau will also leverage FleetOutlook’s driver assistance and real-time accident alerts capabilities to encourage good driving etiquettes and promote worker safety.

James Fiore, director, Pennsylvania Department of General Services, BVM, said: "We look forward to implementing CalAmp's IoT technologies in our efforts to improve the safety and management of the Commonwealth's vehicles fleet. We believe FleetOutlook's reporting, analysis and management features will complement our current systems and help us to continue our efforts through an easy-to-use platform that will enable us to collect and analyze data that will assist in making improvement decisions regarding fleet utilization, fuel cost savings and safer operation of our vehicles."

Paul Washicko, SVP and GM of CalAmp's Software and Subscription Services business, said: "Understanding fleet utilization by gaining actionable intelligence is a valuable first step for government fleet operators to make more informed decisions about their vehicles and identify opportunities for efficiency gains. FleetOutlook will help BVM save operating expenses and optimize operations of Pennsylvania's state-owned vehicles."

Alongside this, CalAmp has inked a new deal to supply Trimble with tailor-made telematics tracking devices and systems management technology for its Field Service Management vehicle and asset monitoring solutions. These solutions help fleet managers and equipment dealers in locating and monitoring the condition of their vehicles. The installation of the devices delivered by CalAmp is hassle-free and its Programmable Event Generator (PEG) and Programming, Update and Logistics System (PULS) technology provide enhanced customisation and easier device management.

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