POCO invites Indians to meet some of the community developers working on the POCO F1

Xiaomi POCO F1 Dev Huddle in Mumbai

The Xiaomi POCO F1 is shaping up to be the OnePlus One of 2018. With top notch specs, aggressive pricing and a friendly attitude towards third party development, the Poco F1 is settling into the void left behind in the flagship killer space.

While OnePlus has “temporarily scaled back its developer program“, Poco is stepping up its own developer relations. Poco recently teamed up with us here at XDA-Developers in order to kickstart development for the Poco F1. The result of that collaboration was that several prominent developers were given the device in order to foster third party development.

Now, Poco is holding its first POCO Community Dev Huddle, for which a few lucky Poco fans will be chosen to meet these developers. The event will serve as a get-together for the developers and the lucky fans, and will be used to discuss how Poco plans to create a more powerful momentum for indie-developers. It will also be a good opportunity to put a face to some popular names in the development community.

The Poco Dev Huddle is scheduled for December 15, 2018 in Mumbai. The exact location for the event will be disclosed only to the selected attendees. Interested readers can apply over here.

Source: Poco Forums
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