Possible Razer Phone 3 prototype shows up on a Chinese marketplace

Razer was one of the first companies to really embrace the idea of a “gaming phone.” The original Razer Phone launched in 2017 and it was followed by the Razer Phone 2 in 2018. However, last year, there was not a Razer Phone 3. It was originally said to have been canceled, but no one really knows for sure. Photos of a Razer Phone 3 have appeared on the internet now, however.

The photos originally appeared on Taobao, a Chinese online shopping website. Not much is known about the Razer Phone 3, so it’s hard to verify the validity of these photos. It’s clearly a new Razer Phone as the camera module doesn’t match either of the previous models. It also has three cameras, whereas the first two models only had 2 each.

Other than the cameras, it is a very similar device to the Razer Phone 2. The top bezel is slimmer, but it has the same speaker texture and dual cameras off to the left side. The bottom bezel is thinner as well with the same texture. The buttons on the side are in the familiar placement as well. This is likely one prototype of the Razer Phone 3 at the very least. It’s possible there are other designs out there as well.

Unfortunately, that’s all we know about the Razer Phone 3 at this point. Very little information about it has found its way to the internet. Would you be interested in another gaming phone from Razer?

Source: Taobao

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