Power to the webmaster

Power to the webmaster

So if anyone has ever become a webmaster they will understand how this is so useful, I am not that experienced in the world of web development, its only 3 months since I started in content management website authoring but I have had a few websites hosted for years that I wrote offline and uploaded, in those days if you had problems with your hosting company you could just move away to a better service and upload it to another place.

One you commit to a CMS (content managment system) you are more held to ransom, it is a lot more difficult to move because of the size and complexity of you site, well fear no more today I am singing the praises for the guys at managewp.com with a few clicks you can clone / copy your site from on host to another host, evenm if it is a differant domain name and their scripts will copy, move and change everything, your database fils and config files are all re-written with the correct information for the new hosting location….awesome, well done guys !!!!

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