PUBG Mobile 1.0 launches September 8th with major performance fixes to reduce lag

PUBG Mobile is getting a major update to version 1.0 on September 8, and it’ll introduce a number of new features, including improved performance and an overhaul of visuals and gameplay.

The big 1.0 update to the popular battle royale shooter will feature improvements to players’ character models, particles, smoke, air blasts, muzzle flashes, and the addition of scope interaction. Environments will look different, too, with improved graphics for vegetation, water, and more. Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile 1.0 will introduce an overhaul to some gameplay elements, including parachuting, sprinting, throwing, and “other key actions.” The 1.0 update will also bring up to a 30% increase in frame rate and a 76% decrease in lag, depending on which hardware you’re using. 90fps gameplay is currently exclusive to OnePlus phones until September 6, 2020, so the new version may also unlock higher fps gameplay on other high-spec devices.

In addition, Tencent Games also announced PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) and World Championship will combine into PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC). PMGC will bring teams together from the Americas, Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and China to compete for a prize pool of $2 million. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, however, Tencent Games said it’s not sure if fans will be able to attend in person, but if things improve, fans will be invited to the event, which takes place in November.

PUBG Mobile 1.0 changelog


Since its release on Android and iOS, PUBG Mobile has amassed more than 600 million downloads with 50 million daily active players, excluding mainland China. In China, the game is known as “Game for Peace” and has also amassed a significant player base. It may no longer be the leading battle royale game on console and PC, but its mobile community is thriving.

PUBG Mobile 1.0 launches September 8, followed by PMGC starting late November.

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