Research finds lack of trust among UK respondents for connected devices

According to new research, despite the UK being one of the most IoT-ready countries on the planet, connected devices appear to be a no-no for its people.

Payment processing company Worldpay, in its recently conducted research, has concluded that the UK is lagging behind when it comes to consumers’ adopting connected devices – despite the country’s ranking as one of the “most IoT-ready” nations across the globe. This is in contrast to the consumers in Brazil and China who are all set to take on connected devices for their daily use.

The findings from the survey show some 23% of the UK consumers being comfortable using a smart device like a refrigerator or virtual assistant, ordering items on their behalf, while 50% do not see the benefits of the convenience afforded by automated shopping.

The survey found ‘security’ as the main reason which stops some consumers from adoption of IoT devices. It found 78% consumers worried that businesses would share their personal information; whereas 77% are concerned about their devices may get hacked by fraudsters.

Nick Telford-Reed, director of technology innovation at Worldpay said: “Despite reservations, no matter if done by a human or machine, it is vital for consumers to remain in control when they’re delegating payment tasks. Our research has found that there should always be a conscious ‘act of consent’; be that via a device notification, button press or a pre-set rule like a spending limit, being agreed in advance.”

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